What exactly is para aramid synthetic polymer?

HuskyPak uses para aramid synthetic polymer technology (or aramid for short), which is a polymer-based, fibrous material that is durable enough to stop a bullet and provide protection against sharp instruments. What gives these fibers their amazing strength is their internal structure as well as the way that they are woven together.

Our technology is developed in a laboratory setting where scientists have created strong, ring-like chemical structures that bind to one another to form long chains. These long chains of bound chemicals interweave with the aramid fibers to reinforce its strength.

What’s so good about para aramid synthetic polymer (aramid)?

Aramid is most widely recognized as the fiber used in bullet-proof body armor. It is a strong but very light fiber. The tensile strength is more than 8x greater than steel wire. That is why it is such a great material for stopping bullets. Also, unlike other plastics and polymers, aramid does not melt. It can withstand amazingly high temperatures and doesn’t decompose until approximately 850°F. Conversely, extremely low temperatures also have no effect on aramid. Testing found no degradation of fiber when tested at -320°F. Lastly, moisture has shown little effect on aramid. The fibers remained virtually unaffected after over 200 days of exposure to hot water.

Please note: prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (for example, direct sunlight), can cause discoloration and also some degradation of aramid fibers. Aramid is resistant to many different chemicals, however, prolonged exposure to strong bases or acids can degrade the fiber over time.

Is para aramid synthetic polymer (aramid) bulletproof?

Huskypaks have been tested in an NIJ approved laboratory, with three shots from a .44 Magnum, among other handgun caliber ammunitions, in a tight group of less than 1 inch in separation. Our technology is sturdy enough to withstand multiple shots without penetration, which allows the wearer to be nearly impervious to handgun ammunition. It can protect us by absorbing and dissipating the energy of the bullet. The tightly woven nature of the aramid fibers makes them hard to tear apart, especially with over 20 layers tightly woven and sealed together. It would require a great deal of energy, with only certain types of ammunition, for a bullet to pass through a huskypak. As the bullet makes contact with our armor, its energy is already greatly absorbed and neutralized. In the highly unlikely event that the bullet does manage to penetrate the aramid, its velocity would have been nearly completely cancelled out, significantly limiting harm to the wearer. Huskypak was designed with safety and comfort in mind, which is why our armor is soft, flexible, and extremely durable for the everyday student.