HuskyPak, LLC is the manufacturer of a global defense solution to the ever-increasing active shooter problem that is plaguing our society at an alarming rate.

HuskyPak manufactures a brand of custom para-aramid synthetic fiber inserts that offer a means of body protection to ballistic threats similar to what military personnel and law enforcement use as bulletproof vests. Our HuskyPak ballistic-shields meet and exceed threat level IIIA requirements and have been independently tested by a ballistics lab.

HuskyPak ballistic-shields inserted into our designer backpacks offer the highest level of lightweight concealable armor currently available. Our ballistic-shield backpacks are extremely durable and weigh a mere 1-2 lbs. more than typical backpacks (weight based on the size of the backpack). In addition, our ballistic-shields can be removed from the backpack for use in non-threatening environments.

Our para-aramid ballistic-shields utilize a very light, durable fiber that has a high-impact resistant property similar to those used in the globally produced bullet-proof vests, helmets, and body armor. The fiber is 5 times more ballistic-resistant than steel and is also resilient to abrasions, stretching, and chemicals. As a result, your HuskyPak backpack can be confidently used in protection against bullets, bullet fragments, as well as stabbing objects.

In order to be completely effective, our para-aramid ballistic-shields need to absorb the kinetic energy of a gunshot in the most efficient way possible. Thus, we utilize a very exact science when constructing our backpacks. Huskypak’s tenaciously durable energy-absorption technology and high-impact elasticity allow for the rapid dispersal of deformation waves, which makes it the ideal material to protect against ballistic impact.

Our unique layering of anti-ballistic threat material meets and exceeds the Level IIIA independent lab test requirements. As an extra precaution, we seal all ballistic-protective material in our UV and waterproof nylon sealant to extend the life of the backpack.