bulletproof Backpack

Removable Ballistic Shield

All HuskyPak backpacks come equipped with high-quality para aramid synthetic polymer. Our synthetic polymer has been tested and proven to protect against bullets and keep you safe in an emergency. Our  para aramid synthetic polymer sheets are completely removable for your convenience so you may insert them into an alternative bag of your choice.

Lightweight Construction

Our  para aramid synthetic polymer is lightweight and easy to transport. In addition to this, the material used to construct the HuskyPak is also extremely lightweight will still maintaining quality and sturdiness.

High-Quality Materials

All our HuskyPak backpacks are sturdy and created with the highest quality materials to promote long-term use and sustainability.

Stylish & Practical Design

When designing the HuskyPak, safety was our number 1 priority, but we did not forget to take aesthetics into consideration. Each of our HuskyPak colorways has a unique and striking color combination to create the perfect combination of style and security.